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Modern Drugs' Power Dynamics Pre-Order

Power Dynamics LP + Digital Download

Power Dynamics LP + Digital Download

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Power Dynamics, the debut album from Modern Drugs, is a power pop collection built on a foundation of indie rock, synth pop, and new wave. Punchy, interlocked guitars and an authoritative rhythm section, laced with keyboard countermelodies, complement soaring lead vocals and rich, multi-voiced harmonies. Concise, accessible, and emotionally candid, these 12 songs deliver a rock and roll gut punch balanced with a sparkly dose of danceable pop.


1. No Dead Air
2. This Heart These Lungs
3. Say it Out Loud
4. Blanket Truth
5. Pull Me Under
6. High Voices
7. A Little Bit Closer
8. Get Out of the Car
9. Weekend
10. Underground
11. So Hard to Stay Inside
12. Headlights

Pre-Order ends March 15th. We will start shipping the LP in early March and will email or text you the digital download code within 48 hours depending on your method of contact at checkout. 

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